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Classroom Ideas for All Ages

Youngest Students: use two decks of Volcano cards to do a “matching” or concentration-type game. You could also match the Hazard cards.

Volcano Reports: have students draw one of the Volcano cards from the deck to pick a volcano on which to do a written or verbal report.  Information about all 34 volcanoes in the cards can be found in the Global Volcanism Network database and other places.

~Grade 5 to college courses: break class into groups of 4-5 students, follow the instructions for simplified play in the rule sheet or here.  You’ll need multiple copies to include the whole class.  To help students remember the four categories of precursors, write them on the board.

Other ideas? We'd love to hear them.


2 to 5 players
Ages 8 to adult
Playing Time: 20-40 min.
Price $16.99


40 Volcano Cards
80 Observatory Cards
2 Volcano Information Cards
Rules of Play

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